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Our Travel Section offers a perfect location for a casual gathering. The centerpiece of the travel section is a 32 foot sailboat that acts as our bar. The sails lead up to our high-end scotches and tequilas, which our bartenders climb up to retrieve.  Around the ship, you will find a number of booths and high top tables.  In addition, we have two large black velvet booths made semi private by curtains to provide a plush ambiance.The travel section offers plenty of space for movement and socializing within and can seat up to 110.

We feature the largest and best martini list in town. From our extensive Vodka list to our large hand stuffed olives. Try our Black and White espresso martini with a shaved chocolate marble straw.

Celebrate at The News Room and watch the parade from our Patio. Specials include corned beef and cabbage, green beer, Guinness, Jameson and live music before and after the parade, which starts at 6:30 pm.

Go to our SHOP page to buy a gift certificate and send a friend to a great dinner experience.

features over fifty wines by the glass. We also feature a three ounce pour on some of our glass wines for those that like to pair wine with each course of food.


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